About Us

Amper USA was founded in 2009 in Miami, Florida, with the mission of providing environmentally conscious, high-quality energy products (we are part of AMPER Group).

With this goal in mind, it established the Atlantic Power Energy brand to ensure security and protection for critical loads through uninterrupted power systems and the supply of VRLA and Lithium-Ion batteries, among other products. These solutions aim to minimize operational interruptions, prevent costly errors, and enhance process efficiency. 

In the medium-voltage area, we support our clients with measurement, optimization, and automation solutions along power supply and distribution lines. Our team researches and provides advice on modern and efficient solutions for the current electrical market.

Additionally, our company features a software development division that offers computerized preventive and corrective maintenance for a company’s assets, ensuring continuous performance and reducing equipment and process downtime.

We have professionals supporting clients across various countries of the Americas, dedicated to delivering quality and customer support.