Fire Protection Systems for data processing centers

By: Eng. Christiane R. Molina Guzmán (Generating Groups and Protective Equipment Unit) with technical advice from Eng. Orlando Pérez

The assets called Data Processing Centers (DPC), due to the current technological requirements to maintain the availability, reliability and continuity of sensitive and confidential data for communications, present risks to possible fires which must be detected and extinguished. with fire protection systems that minimize direct damage from fire, smoke and collateral damage from water or other fluids used to combat it.

It is important to analyze several risk assessment methods, in which a large number of factors must be taken into account to determine the risk in any fire situation. In this specific case, the Gretener method is the most appropriate for evaluating fire risks. . for any specific building or environment, therefore, exclusively evaluating a Data Processing Center (DPC) that has Fire Protection System, it has been concluded that the risk and probability of fire is less than 0.01%.

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